More Pics for Seekerville’s Historical Party

WOOHOO!!!!! I found the pics!!!! YAY!!!

Now to see if I can get them to post properly…

While the first set is pretty cool because I look sorta like her, I think the last ones are the coolest overall.  Make sure to scroll all the way down to see dozens of people, possibly in the Missouri River area of MO [nearish KC], including a kid who looks like Huck Finn ;).

Any help on eras/dates anyone?

This is the picture I’ve been wanting the most.  This lady looks enough like I did a decade or so ago that we have to be related.





Is this the same lady? The dress is the same.
And that’s my daughter several years ago.
Is the resemblance just my imagination? (I do think she looks more like the lady in the first picture though)


This is a series of pics that I think are the same family over time, but I don’t know who they are and can’t prove it… (I posted them to Facebook and it ‘grouped pictures of people who might be the same person together’ and it grouped this guy so…)






As Newlyweds?

A bit later?

After a couple of kids…






A few more kids later?





And these are the ones of my family.  The first one, obviously, is much older than the second one.  Original?  My Mark Twain prof agreed that it looked like it could be up near the MO River [this side of my family had land there at one point in this time period] and she’s the one who pointed out the Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer kid [on the right near the front…]

Edit [again]: When in doubt, find the family tree :p.
‘Grandma Tallent’ should be Dolly Reynolds Tallent, b. 1854
‘Aunt Maggie’ is Maggie Tallent b. 12/1883
‘Aunt Ida’ is Ida Mae b. 1882
‘Mom’ should be Amanda (Mandy) Ellen Tallent, b. 1891

‘Mom’ went on to have 7 daughters and 2 sons.
Vesta, Elva, Josephine, Dolly, Rosie/Rosalie, Naomi Ruth and Dot/Dorothy
Carl Eugene and Rhueben Allen

Only Dot is still with us :(. She and Jan are the ones who helped me figure out that ‘Grandma’ is the mother of the two girls, not the sister.

This is the restored version.

Pretty cool, huh?!


  • Missy Tippens

    Very cool photos! Yes, the first one does look like you, Carol! And I saw Huck Finn as well. 🙂

  • Thanks, Missy!

    [Did I tell you I loved Forever Christmas?]

    One of my jobs for today [hopefully, as an email to Julie sparked something for my is-it-ever-really-completed-? MS that I need to start on] is to scan a bunch more of these and post them on Photobucket so my great aunt [daughter of ‘mother’ in the last two pics] can look at them and see if she knows who any of them are.

    I do wish I knew who the family was. Hmmm… Now that I say that… I wonder if the family could be my Great Grandmother – she had something like 6 daughters, then 2 sons, then another daughter or something like that. That could maybe be right? I don’t have any pictures of her later in life [there’s one that one of my ‘cousins’ posted on Facebook but it’s too small to see…

    I have another picture of that couple on some sort of metal plate of some kind but it’s very dark and difficult to see [like the opposite of fading]. I wonder if I could take a pic of it with my digital camera since scanning it doesn’t seem like a good idea…

    Hm… lots to ponder…