I Think I’m in Love

I think I may be falling in love, sight unseen, with Liquid Story Binder.  It can, like, make timelines!  Do you know how COOL that is?!  I have an Excel table in a Word doc that I have literally torn hair out over trying to make the timelines work.  To see if I had it right.

And it has a character generator.  And you can write individual chapter files [my preferred way of writing most of the time] and it will make them into one nicely formatted file.  And character dossiers.  Not just cheat sheets.  Dossiers.  Images.  Mind maps.  Outline trees.  Project goals.  Color schemes.  Backups.  Statistics.  All sorts of cool stuff!

It has a free thirty day trial [usage days not calendar days].  I’d love to try it out but it’ll be September [probably] before I can scrounge together 45.95 for it [though that includes all updates.  Ever.] unless it’s on sale [a Google search for ‘coupon codes’ brought up several sales – including one that seems to happen around Nanowrimo].

So I’ll dream for now, because I’d go through the 30 days in, well, 30 days [maybe 32 or 33] and then I’d have to do without for a while…  Unless it goes on sale between now and then.  Then I’d probably buy it.

Anyone else have any experience with it?  Is it as good as it’s cracked up to be?  I just started trying to use OneNote to make character sheets and I’m just not getting it…


  • Thank you so much for your lovely, kind, and caring comment on my PPD blog. It was so touching to read the sweet things you said.

    I am so glad you made it through, it is very encouraging!

    I am doing better, slowly, but much much better than I was when I wrote that blog. It was pretty rough there for a while.

    You are so very sweet. Thank you over and over!

    Love Jackie (AKA ppd girl)

    • Jackie –

      I am so glad that you are doing better! Please, don’t hesitate to email if you need to talk to someone who’s been there!