God’s Timing is Perfect – Again…

Facebook Status: Would like to thank the thunderstorm for that one last, insanely loud thunderclap that woke the 3yo up before 630. He then woke up the 5yo. They are both cranky. It’s going to be a long day. But I do get to go to a Beverly Lewis/Julie Klassen book signing today.
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NovelTrack: 8111 [that was Apr. 1-5, haven’t written a word since Tuesday], goal: 50K

God’s Timing is Perfect – Again…

…or still… 😉

By about noon yesterday, I knew that the Genesis semifinalists were being notified by phone.

By 9:45 last night, I admitted that I wasn’t going to get one. I’d been realizing that for a while, but that’s when I admitted it on Facebook.

The list was officially released about 12:10AM at my house. I scrolled through it. Saw names I recognized. Sent out a couple of emails – including one to a gal I’ve exchanged manuscripts with for critiquing. Planned to cry a bit. But first an email came in.

From a friend of mine named Amanda.

Her husband is the police chief of a small town. I’d emailed him a couple of weeks ago after he’d agreed to answer some questions for me for Nick and Becca’s story. Last night, she said they both wanted to read it and really hoped I’d finished it. She also asked if UNBREAK HER HEART had been published because she wanted to read it, too.

See? God’s timing :).

I’d also been Facebook messaging with a gal I know who is a multi-pulished, award nominated author. She told me about how many rejections she’d gotten over the years. I told her I didn’t know if I could do that many. She told me about God’s timing in her career. This morning, I told her about Amanda’s email and that I guessed I was going to start querying this week anyway. And she said “yes, you really are going to query. 🙂:-)“.  So I guess I am =D.

One of these days, I’ll be able to look at this and know that it’s part of God’s timing. It’s hard to see now. And eventually, I’ll get the score sheets returned to me. It could be that the judges believed my entries were in the wrong categories. That’s possible. They don’t fit neatly into any of the categories so… That could be it. Or it could be other things. Or it could be that they really, truly didn’t like them for whatever reason.

Back to watching Tangled, then headed to a book signing for Beverly Lewis and Julie Klassen :).

Will post how many queries I’ve submitted by the end of next week. Goal is at least five and preferably ten. And hopefully be at at least 20K for Novel Track by next Friday.


  • There are many, many excellent writers of high quality writing who did not win the Genesis. While it is a great perk to help get you some recognition toward publication, it’s not a sure thing. It still boils down to good story. Don’t be discouraged. We’ve all suffered the rejections—some of us even after winning the Genesis. So, get back to work, and stick to your plan. Blessings on you. And oh yeah, keep your hanky tucked in your sleeve for a couple of days.

  • I’m sorry about the disappointing news on the Genesis but thankful the Lord blessed you with encouragement just when you needed it.

  • Thanks, gals! I’m actually doing much much better than I would have anticipated. Thanks, no doubt, to God’s grace and provision :).