Flash Fiction Friday – Er, Saturday…

Yesterday was crazy.  So here I am today :).  Andrea had said 3 but I was hanging out with a really cool 3 year old at the time so… 😉  I really need to post the ‘game’ we played on Thursday.

[I tried to find a picture and couldn’t.  And it’s late.  And I’m tired.  And I can’t find a picture of Christopher from his third birthday either…  Oy… Edit: Found one two minutes later…]

Without further ado…

She was standing way too close. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to kiss her and take her down the hall to his room or her room and lock the security guys out.

He wouldn’t.

He couldn’t

But he wanted to.

Instead he moved away from his fiancé – he’d never really thought that he’d be engaged – and towards his son.

“Nicky, do you want to open your last present?” Debbie moved to the side of the living room where the presents had been stacked. Most of them had already been opened, but one remained. Nick’s.

Both Rick and Rick’s dad had sent gifts, probably the only ones that Nicky would ever get from them.  Nicky ripped the paper, his face absolutely lighting up when he saw what was there.

“Woo’y! Buzz Ligh’year!” He held up the two stuffed toys before hugging them to him, one in each arm.  “My wuv dem!”

Debbie laughed and winked at Nick. Nick smiled back. Debbie had given him the best idea of all. She had given Nicky a Lightning McQueen shake and go car that he’d smiled and laughed over, but his face lit up most when he saw the two characters from three of his favorite movies.

By the time the thoughts flew through his head, Nicky was running around the living room, a cowboy in one hand and a spaceman in the other.