Flash Fiction Friday! Coming Soon!

Okay – it’s coming tomorrow.  Today, Jan [my ‘other mom’] and I did a Five Minute Flash Fiction exercise.  We had a prompt.  We had five minutes and…


We spent five minutes writing about

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key.

then we exchanged our version of Alice and the key.  She posted it on one of her blogs and I posted mine in the comments.  We decided to make it a weekly thing.  Our plan is to get together in Skype and do it together [though we may not every week based on schedules, etc. or we may do it on Thursday for posting on Friday if we know we have busy days but that’s the plan], then post on our respective blogs.

Once we’ve posted ours, we both want to know what you come up with!  What can you write about Alice and her key?!

My personal rules include: using the prompt as the first sentence whenever possible and very little editing [spelling and punctuation only, if that] so what you’ll see is what I wrote.  Unedited.  Eesh!  Am I sure that’s what I want on a blog that I hope agents may look at someday?!  Ah well, them’s the rules!  My rules, but still ;).

So – anyone else have any ideas about Alice?  Stick your story in the comments – otherwise look for the first official Flash Fiction Friday tomorrow :).