Flash Fiction Friday! 11/26/10

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Happy Day After Turkey Day!  Black Friday shopping was successful – started at Toys R Us last night where Matt and Sis spent the girls’ gift cards on new scooters – they’ve been wanting them.  Sis got a TV.  Today, I went to Sam’s Club [go there.  Seriously.  No one else thinks to so their deals last.] and got a new digital camera [way nice!] and portable DVD player for the car.  Nice :).

So – here it is.  Flash Fiction Friday!  It doesn’t QUITE fit with where I am at the moment in the story, but is coming right up so it works :).  ‘He’ here is Nick :).

It was a horrible scene and yet his eyes were drawn to it like a magnet. He pushed the door open as quickly as he could, running before his feet even hit the ground.  His breathing quickened with his pace and before he could consciously make a decision the choice was made.

He crouched down behind the Secure truck, opposite the gunmen who were attempting to lighten it’s load.

Another shot rang out.

Then another.

He grimaced as he pulled his concealed handgun out of it’s holster on his ankle.  He moved around the vehicle before glancing quickly to see what was happening on the other side.

One of the gunmen was holding his weapon on the two guards.  The other was emptying the back of the truck.  The first was too busy watching his partner to keep an eye on Nick – even though he didn’t know Nick was there.

He took a deep breath and yelled.  “Drop your weapon!”

Instantly he drew the fire of the man.

He stayed hidden behind the truck and the bullets bounced harmlessly away.  He heard one of the men yelling that it was time to leave.  He heard the other swearing as he couldn’t get clip to load properly.  Nick stepped out from behind the vehicle.

“Drop it,” he warned again.

The man in front of him continued to fumble with his weapon as Nick walked towards him.

“I strongly recommend you drop your weapon,” he warned one more time.

The clip slipped into place with a click.  The would-be thief started to raise the weapon but by then it was too late.