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Rites of Passage

Today is the day I (sort of) became an official author.

I got my first rejection!

Yesterday, sent my very first query ever to agent extraordinaire Nathan Bransford and, as expected, he rejected me today.  He doesn’t rep my genre, but he has a fun blog and says that he loves query letters.  One post is even labeled, ‘When in doubt, query me’ – so I did.  He sent a nice, polite form rejection.

So today, I sent out 3 more email queries and am readying my first snail mail query – it will hopefully go out by the end of the week.

I also got my own blog.  For reals.  My fabulous friend, Ang, is working on my website sometime soon because that’s what she does and she rocks.

So today I feel like a real author.  Because today I got rejected.  And that’s okay :).  There’s more to come, but hopefully, there will also be a few requests for partials, some for full manuscripts and, eventually, a contract!  I can’t wait.