Book Review: Redeeming Liberty by Diane/David Munson

Book Review: Redeeming Liberty by Diane/David Munson

In this timely thriller by ExFeds Diane and David Munson (former Federal Prosecutor and Federal Agent), parole officer Dawn Ahern is shocked to witness her friend Liberty, the chosen bride of Wally (former “lost boy” from Sudan) being kidnapped by modern-day African slave traders. Dawn tackles overwhelming danger head-on in her quest to redeem Liberty. When she reaches out to FBI agent Griff Topping and CIA agent Bo Rider, her life is changed forever. Suspense soars as Bo launches a clandestine rescue effort for Liberty only to discover a deadly Iranian secret threatening the lives of millions of Americans and Israelis.

Glimpse tomorrow’s startling headlines in this captivating story of faith and freedom under fire. 

What do an Israeli Mossad officer, a Russian double agent, several Iranian scientists, a very sick little boy, a former Lost Boy from Sudan, a close-minded deputy sheriff, an FBI agent, a CIA guy, an ICE agent, and a parole officer just trying to help a friend have in common?

All have a role to play in Redeeming Liberty.

Redeeming Liberty is a political and legal thriller along the lines of John Grisham and Vince Flynn from a Christian perspective.

All those people up there were part of a number of seemingly disconnected plotlines that were wrapped up fairly neatly by the end of the book. They all connected as you’d expect in this genre.

Liberty is engaged to Wally, a former Lost Boy of Sudan, now living in the States. She’s still in Africa when Dawn, girlfriend of Wally’s adopted dad, comes to help deliver supplies to Liberty’s people. A string of events is set in motion to thwart an international terrorist plot and save Liberty and, eventually, bring her to the States so she can marry Wally.

I won’t try to get into all the plots and subplots because that would bog this review down and I’m sure they can be found elsewhere. You’d be better off just reading the book ;).

The… problem I had with Redeeming Liberty wasn’t in the writing or plot or anything of that nature. It has more to do with me. I like political/legal thrillers, but I have to be in the right mood for them. When I offered to be an influencer for it, I was in that sort of mood. When it arrived, I really wasn’t :/. I did read it and enjoyed it, though probably not as much as I would have if I’d actually been in the mood for it. I took that into consideration when giving it a rating.

I’ve also enjoyed reading Diane and David’s break down of the very popular TV show NCIS from an insider’s perspective. You can find those  on their blog, Two Ex Feds.  Have I ever mentioned NCIS is my favorite show? 😉

Despite the issue I mentioned above, I recommend Redeeming Liberty to those who like political and legal thrillers with an Inspirational/Christian thread and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure [without it overwhelming the other aspects of it].

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Thanks to Diane, David and Micah House Media for an Influencer copy of this book.