Baby Eaglets Anyone?

Have you seen this live video feed?

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I haven’t been able to [easily] find a history on this, but apparently this video feed has been going on for at least a couple years. Mom and Dad were both on hand for the second egg hatching on 3/28.

Christopher [age 4] and I have been watching off and on all day. A couple times we’ve seen Mom [at least according to the comments in the live chat feed, it’s Mom] feeding the two babies. If you look closely, you can see part of a fish and part of a squirrel and Mom pulls off bits and feeds them to the babies. Volunteers control the camera and, from time to time, will zoom in or pan around the area.

When the girls get home, I’m going to put it on the 46″ flat screen so we can all watch – and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get lucky enough to see an eaglet being born*!

*Did anyone else go to the musical 1776? No? Just me? Never mind then…