A Peek at Christmas Week

Merry almost Christmas!!!

I’m setting a fairly ambitious goal for myself this week. Five, yes, five, book reviews!!! I’ve already read two of them… maybe 3… and one more nearly done. One of my goals for Christmas break [I have a MONTH!!!] is to get caught up on my influencer stack of books. And maybe even read one or two FOR FUN!!! Or just for fun rather, because I don’t often volunteer to influence for books unless I’m pretty sure I’ll like them :).

I’m also hoping to finish a rough draft in the next couple weeks, though I’m pretty sure I’ll fall well short of my 35K goal for the month. Considering I’m still a couple hundred shy of 6K, I think it’s a pretty good guess ;).

We’ve had a Christmas party and two Christmases already this weekend. Another one [and the Survivor finale] tonight, then done with ‘special’ stuff until Christmas Eve :).

But now, I have to go vacuum… because company will be here sometime soon :D.