2016, Day 8: or Yep. Crummy Day.

The first sentence

The first sentence

I knew it would be. It was. It could have been far worse (can’t it almost always be far worse?) but it was bad enough. So this will be very brief.

Things I’m thankful for: family

Writingly stuff accomplished:

*Ordered new toner for my printer
*Sort of organized the table in the living room where lots of my stuff is stashed
*Printed the super duper long manual for using these map making etc programs I have (more on that another time – which also led to that first thing ;))
*Six sentences in my notebook while waiting for peeps
*Brainstorming with first reader Emily (who, in turn, brainstormed with her sister)
*Texted friend Ginger L. to see if I can use their rec room to write for a while on Sunday (Yes!)
*Made a new page for my website after a street team member asked for the chronological order of books – it can be found under the books link on top or here 🙂

As for tomorrow…it’s supposed to be filled with family stuff, but that requires a medium-short road trip (about 45-60 min each way) so I may get a little bit accomplished…

Quote of the Day:

“Is it bedtime yet?” – Me 😉


  • Thank you for putting them in order like that. I know it is just me, but my brain has this image of a “war room” with a timeline and strings connecting all the characters of you books in some pretend web. Silly brain ?

  • Carol

    LOL! I love it! Someday, if I ever get to have my dream house, I totally want that room! I do have a couple of binders with all kinds of stuff in them about timelines and all sorts of other stuff :). Someday I’ll actually get them all up to date ;).

  • Linda

    I hope you get the home of your dreams, Carol !!!
    It isn’t just you, Kendra. I’m a card carrying member of the same “club”. As far back as middle school (1974), I would make my own notebook of details as I read each book in a series. Had a cork board for notes/details when I wrote short stories.
    It’s exciting when you’re following a series with which you’ve fallen in love!

    • Carol

      Thanks Linda! It’ll happen someday :D.

      I really need to take a few days and go through all the books I’ve got out and make copious character notes. etc. I think once I get past these edits and the exhaustion from getting used to this medicine, I’ll work on it in the mornings on school days because it’s like this sort of dead time… 😉 I’m looking forward to being DONE with that :D.