Jaime Jo Wright

4d57c914f0e1fc04aae625e83a947626If I were to summarize my life in three words, my instinct is to say: “I love coffee”, and leave it at that. But, I realize that is rather shallow and a tad frightening.

So, summarizing who Jaime Wright is can be a challenge. I love life. I always have. The Lord has totally blessed me, even in severe trials, such as the loss of three of my babies. He has never failed, never given up, never gone easy on me, and always disciplined me with a loving hand. (and trust me, when you have my personality which pushes boundaries and considers rules to be negotiable, you need discipline)

I married my husband in 2000. He wasn’t exactly Prince Charming when I met him, so I aptly nicknamed him Captain Hook after he pirated off with my heart and has yet to give it back.

Our ship was joined by a little Tinkerbelle with wings in 2009. Our Kokomo-Jo (or CJ) has tamed the pirate exponentially better than I ever could. Peter Pan came along in 2012 and whisked me away to NeverLand where we never grow up and make mischief on a daily basis.