Travel Tips Specific to Nashville

Cara Putman: It is a short shuttle ride or taxi ride from the hotel. In January it took 15 minutes each way. The shuttles are on the bottom floor by the rental cars. It was simple to reserve that and I saved a few bucks booking round trip at that time. The shuttle didn’t do a great job of coming ot pick me up, but the hotel took great care of me, calling to make sure they sent someone over.

Sarah Monzon: Nashville has a $25 top on cab rides. If you can find someone else to share a cab, it could save you a few bucks.

Robin Miller: The hotel does not have a free airport shuttle. For options, check out this page on the ACFW conference website pages:  You have a variety of options to choose from.

The hotel has a great bellman service. You can just walk out and tell them you need a taxi to the airport and they’ll whistle and one will be there in minutes. The hotel has been alerted that Sunday is our big departure day so they’ve requested all available taxi services to be on standby!

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